“An artist who is not afraid of color”

Acrylic and oil on canvas.
120 CM X 100 CM.

“Girls in the garden “
Acrylic and oil on canvas.
150 CM X 120 CM.

H:150 CM W:120 CM Oil on canvas

For 28 years, Argentina was my vibrant tapestry. The colors and energy of my homeland continue to infuse my work, even after moving abroad. My paintings are a visual exploration of the dynamic human interactions I experienced in Argentina – the spontaneous sidewalk conversations, the heartfelt childhood moments, the teenage adventures. Now I want to share my experiences and art from where I am living now, Denmark.

Through bold colors, textures, and strong brushstrokes, I capture the essence of Argentine life. Warm hues represent the passionate spirit, while contrasting colors reflect the city’s vibrant energy. It’s a place that can both embrace and challenge you, a feeling I translate onto the canvas with intensity.Intriguing characters, tango’s deep emotions, and the unique “something extra” that hangs in the Buenos Aires air – all simmering for years, now finding a voice in my art. I invite you to delve into my paintings and connect with the stories they hold.

Trios 1
Acrylic and oil on canvas.
120 CM X 150 CM.